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Terence "Terry" McGinnis (Batman)
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Relatives: Warren McGinnis (father, deceased), Mary McGinnis (mother), Matt McGinnis (younger brother), Bruce Wayne (biological father)
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Skills: Terry posses a deductive mind, which he has developed under the training of Bruce Wayne. Terry has also been trained in several forms of marital arts, as well as being a skilled street fighter and wrestler.

Powers: Terry posses no metahuman abilities of his own. The Batsuit that he wears, is highly advanced and allows him to fly some distances with built in rocket-boots and gilder wings. The suit can also withstand extreme hot and cold, high voltages of electricity, water pressure, vibration, and radiation. The suit also gives Terry enhanced strength, ballistic protection, an electroshock to protect him against some of his enemies and when he's knocked out, has a built in cloaking device, and an arsenal of weapons, such as batarangs, smoke pellets, grappeling guns, felicuffs, a touch microphone that allows him to listen through walls, a link-up to the Batmoblie, among various others. The suit also contains a comm-link that he can use to get in touch with Bruce Wayne or that he can use to have conversations with Max while he's bored on patrol.
History: Terry is actually the result of Project Batman Beyond, which was generated by Amanda Waller, who wanted to preserve the legacy of Batman. Terry's father, Warren, was injected with a developed sample of Bruce Wayne's genetic reproductive material (he thought he was getting a flu shot), thus technically making Bruce Wayne and Mary McGinnis the biological parents of Terry and his younger brother, Matt, not Warren and Mary. Terry however, does not know that Bruce is his real father. Originally, Waller had planned for Terry's parents to be murdered in front of him (just like Bruce's had been), but the assassin that she'd hired had backed out at the last minute. Growing up, Terry was very rebellious, acting in street gangs, and serving a brief stint in juvenile hall. Though he managed to turn his life around (somewhat) when he got into high school, getting better grades, and developed a romantic relationship with Dana Tan. Through several events, including the death of his father, Warren, Terry ended up meeting Bruce Wayne, discovered the Bat Cave by accident, and Bruce has started training Terry as the new Batman. Terry has accepted his role as Gotham's new protector. Like Bruce did before him, he has not told anyone close to him that he is really Batman. Terry uses the excuse that Bruce is training him to be his personal assistant, although his best friend, Maxine "Max" Gibson accidently stumbled upon his indentity, though she has steadfastly kept his secret for him.

Terry worked on his own in Gotham for a couple of months before he even met any other heroes. One night, while on working on tracking down a drug ring led by Carlo Falcone, he was "helped" by several members of the Young Justice League, as the drug trade had reached out to several other cities other than Gotham. Terry wasn't happy at being "helped" by other heroes, but in the end, accepted it...though he wasn't too crazy about the Green Lantern, Henry Jordan.

Terry was one of the people to receive a copy of the Diary of Randolph Carter. After he started to read the diary, Terry began to have dreams of himself in a temple. When Cthulu started to rise, Terry was approached by Nightwing, who told him of the madness that was happening down in Arkham. Terry, along with Aquagirl, went to Arkham to help stop the riots, and there they were approached by Jane Doe-Smith and Dinadan Palmer, who had also received copies of the Diary of Randolph Carter. The four of them then went to where Cthulu was rising, and got in the temple and stopped him.

When her mother Viki Vale was murdered, Marissa Wayne was given the mantel of Robin by her father and paired with Terry. Though the two didn't get along at first, Terry saw a bit of himself in the girl, as he had blamed himself when his father was murdered.

Terry was kidnapped by the Brain Trust along with the rest of the YJLA, and helped fight them off.

While Terry was against it at first, he eventually agreed for Maxine to train with Bruce to become the new Oracle.

Terry helped the rest of the heroes fight the Darkheart.

Terry, along with Corinna and Jon, stopped Hyperion from releasing the monster Typhon from his prison in Mt. Etna. Terry then was at the meeting with the YJLA and the leaders of other teams to find out was going on with the recent Titan attacks.

Terry bonded with Marissa, temporarily springing her from the grounding at Wayne Manor. Terry fought the Artist with Marissa, and though he was reluctant at first, agree to let her put herself up as bait, as long as she had the Birds of Prey with her at all times.

Terry was one of the YJLA members kidnapped by Grandma Sunshine and turned into a five-year-old to be one of her "perfect" grandchildren. He helped the rest of the YJLA fight off the Rainbow Raiderettes and got Grandma Sunshine to turn them back into teenagers.

After much thought, Terry told his girlfriend that he was Batman.

At a Wayne Enterprises board meeting with Daniel Willard of Dnynamix Ltd, Terry stopped an assassination attempt on Bruce from Lady Vic. Several days after the assassination attempt, Bruce was actually assassinated by Lady Vic, and the entire Bat-Family was shaken. After talking with Tim Drake, it was confirmed that Daniel Willard was actually Damien Wilson, the head of the League of Assassins, and the grandson of Bruce's old enemy Ra's Al Ghul. Terry began to adjust to having to lead the Bat-family.

After Marissa's boyfriend Keith Queen, the Green Arrow, was framed for murder, Terry called Tim Drake, and agreed that it might be best to keep Marissa off the field for awhile with everything that had happened. Marissa's mother's murder resurfacing hasn't made things any easier.

Terry was called to a meeting with the rest of the Young Justice League to help a group of extra-dimensional travelers known as the Avengers stop a time-traveling warlord named Kang.

Personality: Terry is your typical, snarky, laid-back teenager. He always speaks his mind, and has been known to let his temper get the best of him, even though he is learning to control it. While Terry has earned a reputation at school as a bit of a slacker, he is very intelligent.


Terry as Batman

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